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RISC OS radar systems and much else
Dr Colin Wright of Denbridge Digital
Friday 6th July 2001, 7:30pm

We are delighted to have been able to arrange a visit from Dr Colin Wright of Denbridge Digital, who is visiting London this weekend on other business.

Colin is Principal Researcher at Denbridge Digital in Merseyside, and makes use of some of the unique features of RISC OS computers in a variety of radar systems for use with shipping and aviation; these are used in a wide range of installations.  Some of you will remember Colin's well-received demonstrations at MAUG and at the RISC OS 2000 show.

Colin's approach to programming is fairly unusual, based - in his view - on the difference in approach engendered by starting out as a mathematician, rather than as a computer scientist.  With aircraft, oil tankers, and others depending on Denbridge's systems, reliability and accuracy are far more critical than with mass-produced "industry standard" products.

We hope to have a fairly comprehensive demonstration of Colin's software, as well as an in depth explanation of Colin's approach to programming it, including a look at some of the code and some of the custom designed programming tools; as well as a more general overview of some of the issues and applications involved.

The demonstration will use a RISC OS 4 Risc PC complete with 21" monitor, so everyone should have a reasonable view; we may also be able to provide a video projector.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and informal discussion both during the setting up period (from 6pm onwards), and after the talk itself - Colin is an expert on the theory of juggling, on a myriad of programming languages, and (we suspect) many other things.

Of course there are also more general RISC OS topics and news to discuss!