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Radar Systems
Dr Colin Wright, Denbridge Marine
Monday 15th September 2008, 7:45pm

For the September meeting we are very pleased to see the return of Dr Colin Wright of Denbridge Marine. Colin last visited ROUGOL way back in July 2001, and generated such interesting discussions that the meeting ran on past midnight.

Colin has been involved in the development of radar systems that run on RISC OS and, more recently, Linux. Some hundreds of RISC OS computers, mainly Risc PCs and Iyonixes, have been installed to run radar systems all around the world. Colin will be showing the use of the applications on an Iyonix, and may even be able to hook up to a live radar system.

Due to the safety critical nature of most radar systems, Colin has a distinctive approach to program development and testing, and spent several years running coding challenges to encourage people to think differently about software development. Some of his views and ideas should be of great interest to fellow programmers.

Colin is also a former President of the Liverpool Mathematical Society and in addition to his day job, gives many talks on mathematics and juggling. There should be a chance for some demonstration and/or discussion of these as well.

All in all it should be a very varied and interesting evening.

Some pics from the evening are here and an excellent report is here.